Sunday, 17 January 2010

Weather forecasts

Did you enjoy the snow?

Where I live it was like Narnia, and venturing out of the house was treacherous at times because of the sheet ice.

Did you get excited when the Met Office predicted a ‘barbecue’ summer?
They also promised us a ‘mild winter’.
If you are becoming cynical about the accuracy of the weather forecasts then you are not alone. A poll by YouGov revealed that 74% of us think forecasts are pretty inaccurate.
As with all useless organizations in the UK, the staff at the Met Office will be in line for £1m worth of bonuses.

When will this country learn to reward success not failure?

Apparently the BBC is thinking of ditching the Met Office and contracting with Metra, the national weather forecasting service in New Zeeland – but that remains to be seen.
The best weather forecaster used to be Paul Damari on Radio Shropshire (he disappeared a few years ago) – his forecasts use to be very accurate, and I miss them.

Oh well, back to the seaweed and fir cones – red sky at night shepherd’s delight etc……

Today’s quote from the rip-off calendar is

‘The first symptom of hypothermia is poor judgment’


Fou said...

Check to see if the cows are huddling under trees in the field. . .

Sue's Blog said...

Thanks Fou