Sunday, 10 January 2010

Thought for the day

I have a rip off calendar.
No, it is not something dodgy from Wellington market, but each day has a wise saying, and as you begin each new day you tear off the day before and throw it in the bin. The calendar also tells you when it is a full moon etc … very handy.
So, I will share my calendar with you all in the ‘Thought for the day’ slot on my blog

Here is today’s instalment:

The pessimist is a realist who isn’t afraid to admit it


hltoffy said...

You must have a very wise bin then Sue!

And my calendar does the full moon thing too, and the different phases of it for some odd reason. Obviously, the people who produce the calendars believe there's going to be an outbreak of lycanthropy in the near future.

To be honest, I just saw mine in Sainsbury's and said; "Oh my God Mom, this one has cute bunnies on it!" ... Yes, because I'm still a child -.-

That one exclamation mark does not do any justice by the way.

Sue's Blog said...

Hi Toffy,
I love these ‘rip-off’ calendars.
In the past I have had ones with jokes / cartoons/ boring facts, but I’ve not seen any with bunnies on.

Fou said...

Mine was a joke present from a friend at uni. It's a high school musical one, and now every morning when i open my eyes the first thing i see is Zac Effron.
It's like a living hell.

Ewarwoowar said...

Hmm, a reference to Wellington market...

You from round these parts Sue?

Sue's Blog said...

Hi Fou,
I bet you would prefer waking up to the sight of Robert Pattinson!

Hi Ewar,
Yes – I’m a Shropshire resident too.