Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I’m confused

The Guardian says that trans-fats are bad. These are the processed margarine-type vegetable oil products that are stuffed into bought cakes pies and biscuits
Humm….not a problem, I don’t like that sort of thing anyway, although I know lots of people who do.
The Telegraph says that butter is really bad, and it should be banned.
Humm….I like butter and I don’t want it banned thank you.

Oh dear – should we take heed of the constant stream of ‘health scares’, or should we just do what we want and tell ‘experts’ to mind their own business.

The North Karelia Project in Finland was very interesting. In the 1960s Finland had very high levels of cardiovascular mortality. The locals used to enjoy a diet low in fruit and veg and high in butter, cheese, cream, and full fat milk.
Drastic public health measures were taken and the population was encouraged to increase its fruit and veg consumption and swap to low-fat dairy products and butter-substitute spreads.
Finland greatly reduced its level of heart disease by these public health measures.
I would not want to see butter banned, but a lot can be learned from the Karelia project, about the benefits of a whole community taking collective responsibility for healthy eating.

Quote from the calendar:

When everything’s coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane’

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Fou said...

Ban butter?! What about chocolate, chrisps......What about cigarettes?!!!! This country is mad.