Monday, 11 January 2010

Luxury goods – or the emperor’s new clothes

Do you like Moet and Krug or a nice warming glass of Hennessey cognac?
Or, how about a Louis Vuitton bag, and some Dior clothes?
Well, Tony Bliar likes them too.
TB is said to be contemplating another lucrative venture.
Having failed in his bid to become emperor of Europe, he is now looking at a dream job with his pal Bernard Arnault, the richest man in France.
He got to know Bernard by networking with the mega-rich during his time in number 10.
Tony’s job description will involve attracting new clients, and has a six figure salary.

He will be working in my favourite city– Paris …

Lucky Tony!

Thought for the day

Books and friends should be few but good


Fou said...

I agree with the thought for the day totally. Having too many books and too many friends is very superficial. I'd much rather read one book in depth and really get lost in it and have one in depth conversation with a friend than to read three books back to back and say hello in passing to three friends. Mind you if you're reading that many books you probably don't have time to say more than hello.

Sue's Blog said...

Hi Fou,
I love books and have so many that I’m rapidly running out of space and will need a bigger house.
As for friends – I prefer quality to quantity!