Thursday, 28 January 2010


I love the Metro – it is full of interesting facts recycled from other newspapers.
Well, did you know that the way men wear their trousers reveals their age?
I am not an expert on men’s trousers (I tend to look at their eyes rather than their trousers) and this was news to me.
Apparently teenagers’ waist bands are well below their waists, with their crotches dangling over their knees to imitate gangsters and rappers - It is also deemed fashionable to have your knickers or thongs showing.
In their twenties men tend to wear their trouser waistband around their waist, especially at work.
But by the time a man heads towards thirty his waist band starts creeping up towards his chest.
By 45 it is usually a good two inches above the waist.
Simon Cowell seems to like high waist bands – so he must be ancient.

Thought for the day

When in charge - ponder; when in trouble - delegate; when in doubt -mumble’


Fou said...

I'm more worried about the fact you mentioned that it is fashionable for them to have their knickers or thong showing.....I do not think there are too many men out there who wear such attire!

Sue's Blog said...

Errr - must be a Shropshire thing then