Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Festive flab

Are you suffering from the after-effects of too much festive fare?
Are your trousers too tight?
Are you the buttons bursting off your clothes?
Well, you could try this approach.

I watched a fascinating programme on channel 14 last night called ‘The Diets that Time Forgot’
A group of fat people were sent to a remote stately home where they were put into groups:
The Victorian diet
The Edwardian diet
The 1920s diet

The process seemed to involve cold baths, bracing exercise and horrible food. The menu seemed to feature lots of offal and very little else – tongue, sweetbreads, kidneys and liver – yuck!!!!!!!!!
The participants were trussed up in the costumes of the period, including corsets and hooped skirts.
No wonder they all lost heaps of weight. I would have enjoyed the exercise side of things, but the thought of fried liver and kidneys for breakfast was abhorrent.

Funnily enough the programme reminded me of school.
I was talking to some school friends recently and we remarked how we could only remember one fat person at school
Maybe the answer to the current epidemic of childhood obesity is to provide plain food (with no choice) at school, and force children out to play Hockey or rugby in the snow for two hours a day like my school did.
If any one dared to complain they were vilified as a wimp – the highest form of shame.

Thought for the day from Sue's rip-off calendar

‘When a person with experience meets a person with money, the person with experience will get the money – and the person with the money will get some experience’

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hltoffy said...

I saw this when it was originally on channel 4 a year or so back. I do the whole cold shower thing after a work out to prolong the metabolism, and I tried the chewing thing which was ridiculous, but did seem to help a tiny amount (I'm a slow eater anyway). I mainly took the idea of working off a treat before having it and reducing my calories and portions to be honest :)