Saturday, 8 May 2010

Election blues

If you are feeling depressed/ bored/suicidal after the election results, here is a little something recommended by little miss Toffy to cheer you all up.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Is something happening tomorrow????

Have you made up your mind who you want to vote for?

Well, in case you are still undecided, here are a few celebrity endorsements to help you make up your mind.


Eddie Izzard, a Labour party member since the 1990s and three-time election campaigner, he said recently: "I take great offence that the Tories are slagging off Britain, saying it's broken. I ran around the country and found that Britain is brilliant."

Comedienne Jo Brand has shown her support for the Labour camp by fronting a beer mat-based campaign. One variant of the pub friendly canvassing says: "Why is Dave Cameron like my husband after a night on the beer? 'Cause he ain?t going to get in either."

Business tsar Alan Sugar recently put his hand in his pocket and donated a whopping £400,000 to the Labour party, saying he wanted to assist Gordon Brown's bid to stay at Number 10. He's hoping his "You're fired!" catchphrase won't be used on the current PM on Thursday.

Last month the Harry Potter author JK Rowling wrote against the Tories? treatment of single mothers and pledged her support for Labour in The Times newspaper. She also gave a £1 million gift to the Labour Party the day before its 2008 autumn conference.


Michael Caine is a genuine A-list coup for the Tories. Having backed Labour since 1997, the Italian Job actor recently switched allegiances, and he's now backing one of the Conservative's big new campaign pledges, a kind of summer camp national service programme for teenagers.

Maths whiz and former Countdown host Carol Vorderman will not only put her cross next to David Cameron's name, but will also head up a Conservative Party task force to help analyse the way maths is taught across the country.

Best known as Ken Barlow from Coronation Street, William Roache, a long-term Conservative advocate, has recently condemned Labour's plans for a so-called "Death Tax".
In case you thought the only election result Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber cared for was the Dorothys...the musical theatre bastion and judge of the BBC's talent show Over the Rainbow is a staunch Tory supporter. He allowed his song Take That Look Off Your Face to be used on a party promotional film in 2005.

Liberal Democrats

Comedienne and presenter Sandi Toksvig is a longstanding LibDem supporter.

Professor Richard Dawkins, scientist and author of The God Delusion is supporting the LibDems. He says: "I shall vote Lib Dem mostly because scrapping the ludicrous 'first past the post' system will turn us into a proper democracy whose benefits will long outlast the next parliament, and also because my local candidate in Oxford is Evan Harris, one of the few MPs in any party who doesn't pander to 'faith'.

Astronomer and monocle-wearer Sir Patrick Moore pledged his support to the UK Independence Party in a recent YouTube clip.

Green Party

Comedian Marcus Brigstocke is supporting the Green Party.

Philip Pullman, author, is supporting Caroline Lucas' election campaign in Brighton.