Friday, 8 January 2010

And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson

My 2010 blog entries so far seem to be about ‘naughty’ women. (‘Naughty’ in Shakespeare’s time meant obscene and a ‘naughty-house was a brothel - just thought you would like to know that).
This was very amusing.
Sixty-year old MP Iris Robinson had an affair with a nineteen year old lad she had known since he was nine.
Zoe Heller’s Notes on a Scandal spring to mind – (It is worth reading, especially for Heller’s treatment of an unreliable narrator)
Mrs. Robinson also became enmeshed in dodgy dealing - she got two property dealers to fork out £50,000 to set her lover up in a catering business. She demanded £5,000 for herself.
Mrs. Robinson is the lady who spoke about homosexuality being an abomination, and that homosexuals should get psychiatric counselling (it is not a psychiatric condition).
The news of this sex scandal broke yesterday, but the affair ended 18 months ago.

One has to ask - why expose it now?
Is there more scandal to come?

Mrs. Robinson’s naughty exploits certainly took my mind off the snow, but they have done nothing to restore my faith in MPs!


Dan said...

There's a Facebook appreciation group for this lad. Through this there is a link to a fack account of Robinson. Apparently, her favourite film is the Graduate, her relationship is complicated and she was last eating chocolate.

Dan said...

By fack, I mean fake. Sorry.

Sue's Blog said...

Thanks for that Dan - Mrs. Robinson has provided some welcome respite from the snow, and her ex toy boy has a bit of free publicity for his cafe.

simon fishburn said...

The Robinson scandal even made it to Australia's most famous Bondi Beach where Paul played a tribute to Iris amusing the Irish travellers...

feel free to share


Sue's Blog said...

Thanks Simon