Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Do you like blondes - or do you prefer to make fun of them?
Do you enjoy blonde ‘Bimbo’ jokes?
Be careful – a team of scientists in California carried out a research project that concluded that blondes were more aggressive than brunettes and red-heads.
Apparently fair–haired women (even bottle ones) are prone to ‘war-like’ traits when they want their own way.
The researchers thought blondes were more used to deferential attention and felt ‘entitled’ which made them behave like this.
Although they were more aggressive, blonde women were less likely to get into actual physical fights with people.

What do you think?
Are the blonde women you know aggressive?
Can you think of any famous blondes in history who were known for their ‘war-like’ behaviour – or is this a load of twaddle?


Thought for the day from the rip-off calendar

Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy’

(I’m just quoting the calendar –these quotes do not reflect my personal views!)

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Fou said...

Actually come to think of it I feel the thoery on blondes is quite correct! Then again I have virtually no blond friends. . .