Monday, 30 May 2011

Bank Holiday boredom

It is the Bank Holiday and it is raining. If you have nothing better to do then have a go at this Myer Briggs personality test. It will tell you what job you should consider.
I’ve just had a go at it and it says that I should consider teaching as a career.

Death by cucumber

No. this is not the joke about the naughty nuns in the vegetable patch, but a scary story about infected cucumbers entering the food chain and killing people. Several people have died in Germany as a result of imported Spanish organic cucumbers infected with E.coli. So far ten people have died from kidney failure in the Hamburg area.
I don’t know if any infected cucumbers have reached the UK, but if you are off to Hamburg don’t eat any cucumber.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Is waiting for results worse than doing the assignments?

I can’t believe that my three years at university have finished. The time has whizzed past in a blur of assignments, as if life has been stuck on fast-forward. Now I have the nerve-wracking wait for my results, and in some ways I’d rather do a hundred essays than hang around in a constant state of nauseated nervous anxiety worrying about my grades.

Advice to any first and second years reading this blog: when you get into the third year try and work consistently throughout the year on your year-long projects/ dissertation because everything implodes on top of you in the last semester – even if you have brilliant time-management skills.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

End of the world?

I thought it was the end of the world this week because I could not access my blog and kept getting an error message. Thanks to advice from plashing vole normal service has been resumed.
I’ve not been able to blog for ages because I’ve had too much uni work to do, and needed to prioritize it over blogging and entering writing competitions. Then when I did have time to blog I could not get into my Google account or blogger dashboard.
I think a lot of fellow bloggers have been busy with uni work too. How did you cope with your dissertations?
The only thing that got me through the mountain of assignments and the dissertation was chocolate. On the worst day I managed to get through three Toblerones. Needless to say, I have emerged fat and unhealthy after the experience. I never want to see chocolate again – well, not until the next dissertation!

Are you all doing anything special to mark the end of the world?

I’m not, because it is a load of twaddle – although the skies over Telford are now an oppressive apocalyptic grey....
In case you have not heard about the end of the world forecasts they are the work of 89 year old Harold Camping - a retired civil engineer form Oakland, California, who spreads his messages of gloom via the Family Radio Network. He came up with this prediction after some mind boggling calculations.

Have a nice week-end!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Competition Time

Sorry it is short notice, but if you like writing competitions Woman and Home is offering a £1000 prize and a set of the 20 shortlisted books for the Costa Book Awards for 2011, for the best short story.
The closing date is this Friday.
You need to write 2500 words on the theme of ‘the secret’, but the title is up to you.
You will need the entry coupon from the May issue of W&H