Saturday, 21 March 2009

A novel solution for adultery?

Adultery is a complex subject. It encompasses lying, deceit, and betrayal. It can also be unhealthy, imprudent and down right dangerous. People have ended up dead as a result of impassioned love triangles. There are many reasons why people have a bit on the side ranging from ‘because they can’ to ‘it just happened’. Why bother to make a legal or religious commitment in the first place if fidelity cannot be sustained? This week Hollyoaks came up with a brilliant twist on the eternal love triangle scenario.
For several weeks Nancy has been having an illicit affair with Chris. Chris is openly bisexual. Ravi, Nancy’s boyfriend is secretly bisexual and has also been having a bit on the side with Chris.
Well, this week it all came out. The three of them decided to stop seeing each other; but after some soul searching decided to carry on regardless with everything out in the open.

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