Tuesday, 10 March 2009

European love rat exposed

This fellow certainly deserves a mention on the being bad blog. He is a complete rat, and his bad behaviour encompasses most of the topics on the module. He has systematically swindled obscene amounts of money from rich European women, over several years. His tactics seem to involve stalking; Frau Klatten fended off his advances in Austria, only to find him at the same resort in the South of France. He threatened to blackmail her by exposing her adultery with him. In 2001 he tried a similar stunt with an eighty-three year old Countess. This love rat is also a liar. He concocted elaborate sob stories to extort money out of his victims. He lived a fantasy ‘secret agent’ lifestyle. He is also a former investment banker – well no more need be said in the current economic recession about his sort! He seems a callous psychopath, and Frau Klatten is to be commended for her bravery in exposing him.


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