Sunday, 15 March 2009

‘Kids’ an urban nightmare in a town near you

I sat through ‘Kids’ feeling two conflicting emotions; bored rigid and incredibly sad. The film is a stark documentary-style portrayal of feral teenagers growing up in a socially deprived area of New York City. The action focuses on a typical day in the life of Telly and his side-kick Casper. The film covers stealing, shagging, violence, lying, drug taking, alcoholism, smoking, swearing, rape and HIV. There was nothing caring,artistic or spiritual about this way of life. It was raw, inhumane and brutal.
Sadly, many kids today live like this.
Where were the parents????
It is appalling that society has let children down. Why do these children have no morals, and nothing positive to aim, for other than the next shag? Children cannot develop psychologically without firm, but loving boundaries. This film reminded me of Lord of the Flies where children without boundaries imposed by adults became brutal savages. 'Kids' showed life as it is for some, but offered no solutions.

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