Saturday, 28 March 2009

Jade Goody

Jade has only been dead for a week and already Michelle Ryan has been lined up to play the starring role in a film about Jade’s life. The film company believe it will be a ‘blockbuster’. I might be missing something but I cannot understand why the rest of the population is so obsessed with her, and needs another ‘fix’ so soon after her death. When she first appeared in Big Brother she was vilified as ‘Miss Piggy’ the ignorant, foul-mouthed dental nurse from Bermondsey. During her short life in the media spotlight she has managed to turn public opinion, shake off her racist remarks and die a heroine, with a ‘state’ funeral , and tributes form the Prime minister and Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor. It is reminiscent of the tidal wave of public grief that followed the death of Princess Dianna; some people have dubbed Jade the Primark princess.
Why has Jade created a cult following and been lionized for promoting ignorance? Is it because she had a difficult childhood but made the best of herself? Has she been manipulated by Max Clifford’s money making publicity machine? Was she really a shrewd woman who manipulated the public to make money, and her silly comments were just an act?
I do not like the values and behaviour Jade promoted.
My personal view is that Britain is in dire need of some better role models, not the shallow, selfish celebrity culture which is undermining more spiritual aspects of life. We need people who can promote wisdom instead of ignorance, altruism instead of greed, moral behaviour instead of reckless behaviour, and encourage us to save our planet – but I suppose that does not help to sell magazines of fuel mindless consumerism.

(Jade Goody 5.06.1981 – 22.03.2009 R.I.P)

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