Friday, 13 March 2009

Are you a snark?

This is a new way for bloggers to be really bad. Snark is making snide comments about some one on-line. It has become rife in America, and is probably gaining momentum in the UK. Things can get pretty nasty, and people have been sued for hurting the feelings of people who have been the victims of snarking.
Is expressing your honest opinion about someone bad? So long as you stick to the facts, and it is clear it is just an opinion, is it morally wrong/ unreasonable/unhealthy/dangerous or imprudent?
It is certainly hurtful for the victim, unless they can take a joke or are pretty thick skinned.
It could be that people feel braver about saying derogatory, but witty things about others from the safety of their keyboard. They would probably not risk saying the same thing to the person concerned.

PS I think Victoria Beckham does look like a celebrity skeleton….oops!

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