Saturday, 14 March 2009

The black cab rapist

This story is beyond bad. John Warboys, a fifty-one year old taxi driver, was found guilty yesterday of raping countless women in the back of his taxi. According to the Telegraph his victims were all middle-class women emerging from fashionable bars and clubs in London, in the early hours. He fed his victims the same lie that he had won a lot of money and had no one to celebrate with. He then offered them champagne laced with hypnotics, then raped them. The Sun reports that he was first arrested in 2007 for the alleged rape of a teenage university student, but the police dropped the case. It is estimated that he is responsible for at least eighty-five assaults, and the police are asking for any other victims to come forward.
Warboys used to work as male stripper ‘Terry the Minder’ and made porn films. His ex-wife described him as a sex addict, and ‘the worst husband a woman could ask for’. In court he pulled the sympathy card by blaming it on losing his mother at thirteen, and not getting enough attention.

Women expect to be safe in taxis. This sexual deviant callously used this assumption to systematically abuse women. It is a frightening story, especially as he evaded court the first time he was arrested.

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