Thursday, 26 March 2009

Bad bankers

An anti-capitalist group has proudly claimed responsibility for an attack yesterday on the home of Sir Fred Goodwin. The group sent an e-mail to the Edinburgh Evening News warning that this is just the start of reprisals against greedy bankers. I do not condone violence, but the rest of the population has been left to pay for the gross irresponsibility, greed and reckless behaviour of the banking system. Fred the Shred and his ilk need to be made accountable to the people who have lost their jobs, homes and life-savings. Thieving gits like him have lived in opulent luxury, and been rewarded for unprecedented incompetence. Gordon Brown is quoted as saying ‘there is no excuse’ for the violence; well sorry Gordon, there is no excuse for this global mess caused by these unspeakably bad bankers. My main concern is that we will be facing an era of escalating civil unrest if things get worse; and bankers like Sir Fred continue to demand their ridiculous pensions and bonuses.

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