Thursday, 12 March 2009

Bad Pirates

The recent excellent lecture on masturbation by Dr. Jones brought to mind the urban myths surrounding the characters in ‘Captain Pugwash’.
This classic children’s favourite gave rise to various urban legends. John Ryan, the creator of the eponymous captain and his all male crew, was rumoured to have deliberately or unwittingly created a smutty tale full of sexual innuendos. The character list was rumoured to consist of; Master Bates, Roger the cabin boy, seaman Staines and Willy.
There was definitely a Willy in it, but the other names were Tom the cabin boy, Cut Throat Jake and Master Mate. I suppose the last name could have been misconstrued after too many tots of rum. Mr Ryan won his libel suit against the instigators of the rumours, and was cleared of promoting masturbatory porn to the young and innocent.

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