Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Nasty Mr. Bean

I used to fancy Sean Bean, but when I heard that he had been in the news recently for alleged domestic violence, I went right off him. I suppose you have to wonder why he has been married four times. There is no excuse for domestic violence, yet sadly it is rife in society .Domestic violence comes in many pernicious guises, from constant bullying and denigration, sexual abuse, financial abuse, emotional and psychological abuse and all forms of physical harm. Not to mention the harm done to children being brought up in a violent home. Domestic violence is morally and legally wrong.
The sad fact is that many abused people suffer in silence behind closed doors: keeping it secret from friends and family, for fear of harsher reprisals. They become experts in camouflage make up and strategic dressing. The emotional scars last longer than the physical ones.

So goodbye Sean…..

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