Thursday, 16 April 2009

Is nicking knickers bad?

Thirty-nine year old Paul Whitaker from Yorkshire was found guilty of stealing ladies knickers from washing lines. Police found 1,000 pairs of ladies knickers in his home.
In December 1997 police arrested him in a field where he was found prancing about skimpily clad in a bra, lace knickers, suspender belt and stockings. On another occasion he was wrestled to the ground by an angry householder after helping himself to six pairs of knickers from a washing line.
He was caught performing sex acts with knickers on his head in changing cubicles.
He is also a part-time flasher.
Judge Hall asked Whitaker why he did not buy knickers instead of stealing them.
I expect that Mr Whitaker gets a buzz of sexual gratification from his deviant behaviour, and buying packs of knickers from Marks and Spencer’s would not produce the desired effect.
Although the antics of this sexual deviant sound comical, his behaviour is clearly annoying for the people he has stolen from. He probably frightened the women who were subjected to his flashing episodes (and I expect he got a misogynistic thrill and power trip from this). His sex acts in public changing cubicles are bound to have caused distress to staff and shoppers, and many people would have found his behaviour offensive and disgusting.

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