Sunday, 5 April 2009

Benefit fraud

It is fascinating what you can find out chatting to people whilst out walking the dog. A lady I spoke to this morning told me all about her job at the benefit fraud office. Benefit fraud is a form of stealing and it deprived the state of £800 million pounds last year. This is a staggering amount. I think it is morally wrong to steal, and it is obviously illegal. It diverts money away from other needy causes, and it is another example of stealing from honest taxpayers. The benefit fraud agency relies on members of the public to shop their neighbours. It relies on us being ‘a neighbourhood of voluntary spies’. It is totally anonymous and phone calls are not recorded.
A lot of the calls are form people wanting revenge on nasty ex-partners who have lied, cheated or ill-treated them. This is a brilliant way of getting your own back on someone who has hurt you; it is also totally legal and you will be doing your duty as an honest citizen.
Unfortunately some people misuse the system and report neighbours out of jealousy, spite or for other dubious motives. My source at the benefit agency assured me that the innocent have nothing to fear.
The number of calls to the agency rises exponentially after TV ad campaigns.

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John Page said...

The government owns up to £800m. In fact the annual total is £2bn+.

See my blog on benefit fraud, for example