Friday, 17 April 2009

Comment - Money and greed

Hi Alex,
I share your views about money and greed. One recent example was the horrific incident at Osbaston House in Shropshire. Millionaire businessman Christopher Foster cold bloodedly murdered his wife, daughter and pets. This terrible act was committed because he had got into financial difficulties. The act was clearly premeditated as he took great pains to make sure the place was boarded up and had shot his family and animals before committing suicide. He did see his GP about feeling suicidal, but your posting does not mention if he was receiving counseling or treatment. His actions however, are those of someone with a ruthless, psychopathic streak.
The whole incident is sickening and shocking, and I cannot understand why he had to destroy innocent lives just because he had lost his money.
Surely his wife and child should have been more important than his bank balance. This was a terrible tragedy, and I feel very sorry for the extended families left to cope with this heartbreaking murder.

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