Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Comment - Graffiti

Hi Karen,
Your posting on Graffiti was very informative.
I think graffiti is a brilliant means of self-expression, and a lot of graffiti is very artistic, attractive and thought provoking. Where I live in Shropshire one of our local ‘artists’ did a series of pink triangles on a roundabout by the hospital, a few years ago. He also created some smiley-faced pink worms with scarves on another of the many mind-numbing roundabouts we are blessed with here. He enhanced a very boring rock outcrop by painting it in bright colours. I loved his work. It made me smile every time I passed his creations. I never forgave the council for removing them. His work made a very dull place interesting. I think graffiti can be a very positive and creative force that enhances the environment. In the case of our local artist, I think the council was behaving badly by removing his much loved attractions - especially as they wasted thousands on a load of uninspiring lumps of twisted scrap metal, rocks and lavender on the island near the retail park. It wasn’t a patch artistically on the free ones by our local hero.

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