Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Comment - Cyber-stalking


Hi Laura,
I was very impressed by your posting on cyber-stalking. Facebook and other social networking sites are a great way for friends to stay in touch and share photos. It is worrying however that so many people use it to stalk their exes, and check up on new partners. Is it wrong to be nosey? I suppose it is just human nature to be fascinated by the lives of others. Facebook supplies a lot of personal information. It speeds up disclosure. In the past people would have taken a lot longer to get to know each other. Using social networking sites has benefits and drawbacks. Sometime ago it was reported in the news that employers had hacked into their employees sites, and people had lost their jobs as a result of expositions of drunken debauchery. I suppose this infringes a person’s right to privacy, but people need to be mindful that they are publishing in a medium that is in the public domain. I heard a story that someone had bragged on Facebook about not doing an essay. Somehow his tutor found out and he got into trouble – scary!

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