Saturday, 25 April 2009

The consequences of lying

I don’t normally buy celeb magazines, not my sort of thing. But at the hairdressers today I ended up reading about Fern Britton in Now magazine. Fern has resigned from her £3/4 million a year job following all the stress cause after lying about her gastric banding operation.
Fern let the public think for ages that she had lost piles of weight by dieting, and was the ‘face’ of Ryvita. When it came to light that she had not lost weight through her own efforts she lost the trust of the public - Although the number of gastric banding operations has risen by 25% (so, a lot of happy gastric surgeons out there).
The public are fickle, so lying to them is not a good idea. People loose credibility, and popularity if they tell lies. If she had been honest about her surgery from the start , people would have respected what she was doing and she would not be in her current mess. The lies caused a rift with her co presenter Philip Schofield, and according to Now magazine she is having problems with her husband.
It is better to tell the truth!

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