Monday, 13 April 2009

Comment - Alcohol

Hi Walter,
I liked your posting on the effects of alcohol, especially the illustration, which made me smile. Congratulations on becoming a street pastor. I agree totally with your views that drinking should be fun and done responsibly.
Sadly, because of the binge drinking culture in the UK, this is often not the case. Alcohol excesses can lead to behaviour that is definitely in the ‘bad’ category; including fights, reckless driving, domestic violence, unprotected sex, and general mindless stupidity. It is not very appealing watching drunks throw up in the street, and it is very worrying when young people fall asleep in public places, making themselves vulnerable to all sorts of unpleasant consequences. There is also the issue of alcohol related disease, and the increased risk of taking impulsive overdoses under the influence. Not to mention the increased drain on the police force and health service.

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