Thursday, 3 December 2009

What does the future hold for bloggers?

Things in the newspaper industry are in a state of flux. The circulation figures for most of the daily national and Sunday papers are showing a consistent year on year downturn. Papers have responded to the internet revolution by putting newspapers online. The Guardian was at the forefront of this and has become the most popular site. It has also attracted a lot of readers in the USA.
Media moguls like Rupert Murdoch however are moving to change our free access to the news. Google, under pressure from Murdoch announced this week that it is going to limit the number of news searches we can make. Murdoch is already charging for the online Wall Street Journal and plans are afoot to make us pay for reading online news. This could affect bloggers who like to comment on the news. If papers erect paywalls for news, then the days of free news surfing are numbered, and blogging could become expensive .
I suppose Murdoch is in the media game to make a fortune, not provide a public service.

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