Sunday, 6 December 2009

Here’s something for the boys

If Santa forgets to leave Katherine Jenkins, Cheryl Cole or Jordan in your stocking this Christmas, you might like to consider the tips and strategies for wooing the love of your life offered in The John Bercow Guide to Understanding Women.

Bercow gives tips on how to pick up drunken girls and virgins as well as refined girls. He has another section entitled how to get rid of them, and he advocates lying. (I would have thought lying was a prerequisite for a politician any way).

Apparently he wrote this in a student magazine, and the Metro brought this story to light (what a mine of information the Metro is turning out to be for the blogging community).
Bercow penned this piece in 1986, and published it in Armageddon, a low-budget magazine said to have a “tiny circulation” (It is a magazine for Tory students).

According to Bercow, girls will fall for ‘anything that has a credit card and breathes’

(obviously worked for him then) – so now you know everything you will ever need to know about women - and good luck!

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The Plashing Vole said...

It exactly reflects what the Federation of Conservative Students were like during that period (many of them wore 'Hang Nelson Mandela' t-shirts after Thatcher called him a terrorist), but it turns out that this was a Tory bit of humour, drawing on their knowledge of Bercow's sex life. So although he didn't write it, it's probably quite accurate.