Thursday, 24 December 2009

Sprouts – love them or hate them?

I will be cooking sprouts tomorrow. Christmas is the only day of the year that I have a sprout – yes just the one. I don’t like them, but it is traditional to have sprouts with the Christmas dinner isn’t it?

Apparently this festive delicacy is experiencing a surge in popularity.
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall says that the secret is not to cook them for too long.
Xanthe Clay says smother them in butter – no thanks, that sounds horrid.
The bad weather has caused anxiety that there will be a shortage of the green beasts, but no such luck in Shropshire – we have abundance in the shops.
So, to all you sprout lovers out there enjoy, and to those of you who don’t like them, you have my sympathy and understanding.

A very merry Christmas to one and all


Ewarwoowar said...

I bloody hate them. Hate, Hate, Hate!

However, as I take a passing interest in culinary stuff - Hugh Fearnley Wearnley is right. Cooking them for too long is the worst thing you can do.

An interesting tip I heard once was to put them in a wok (seriously) and splash in a touch of extra virgin oil. Make of that what you will.

Happy Christmas Sue!

PS. Didn't know you lived in Shropshire!

Dan said...

I am in agreement with your good self and Ewar. Like a child, my Mum still tells me to imagine that they're small versions of cabbage. She still hasn't considered that I also dislike cabbage.

Merry Christmas!

Fou said...

I feel Shropshire shall now be my Christmas destination! I am a lover of sprouts! On behalf of all fellow sprout worshipers, I would like to thank you for your disinterest in the merry green creatures, especially considering the potential leaves plenty for us freaks.
Merry Christmas to everyone, including the non-sprout- believers!