Saturday, 5 December 2009

How to be subversive

I’ve been mulling over the prospect of paywalls for online news (what a saddo, you are probably thinking, this nerd girl needs to get a life)
Well ,I was struck with a thought in the middle of the night, (when these bright ideas usually manifest themselves) what if some bloggers - who were subscribing to online newspapers , when we no longer have free online access– copied and pasted news articles into their blogs, then whored them round the internet for all to read – that would be subversive indeed.

Then I was struck with a moral dilemma.

We do need journalists to expose the evil and corruption in society. Someone has to pay for proper investigative journalism. If the newspaper industry died, we would be faced with the prospect of having a chaotic system in which corruption could spawn unchallenged.
I know I hate greedy capitalists, and that Rupert Murdoch’s mantra is: “Good journalism costs money”, but I would not want to live in ignorance – would you?

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