Wednesday, 30 December 2009

One of the great mysteries of 2009 has been solved

Throughout 2009 I have been asking myself ‘Where are the Tory policies?’
Well today the answer was revealed (much as I suspected) – they don’t have any.

They want you to invent them, and if things go wrong, then you can also get the blame.
They are offering a £1 million prize from tax-payers money for the best web design for a site that will enable all of us to contribute to their policy creation.

Wow!!! - Wiki policies.
Welcome to the new age of Wiki politics.

Well, for a start – how about these suggestions:

1. Nationalize all public utilities, especially the railways – and run them properly
2. Make higher education free
3. Actually have joined up thinking in the NHS and stop wasting so much money on stupid management consultants
Feel free to add you own …

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The Plashing Vole said...

Now you're being subversive!