Monday, 3 August 2009

Rip off Britain?

I’m feeling cross this morning. I looked on Wolf, and saw that 250 jobs are going at our university. I know there were rumours in the press a while ago that the West Midlands was going to loose 450 jobs in higher education, but 250 at Wolverhampton seems disproportionate as well as horrendous.
What annoyed me as well was the news that banks are making billion pound profits again, from investment banking (i.e. gambling)

Has the world has gone mad?
Are the British a load of mugs?

Why are we standing by, letting the health service and education - the basic building bricks of society - be plundered, while banks are allowed to make obscene profits?

I don’t understand it – does anybody else?


Ewarwoowar said...

I'm upset as you are re. the 250 job losses, and I fear for Voley and other staff there that I like and respect.

I'm really surprised they have announced this on WOLF, however. Seems a) a strange thing to put and b) strange to put it there.

Sue's Blog said...

We have fantastic lecturers at Wolverhampton. They are inspiring and do a brilliant job. I can’t bear the thought that any of them may be forced to leave. It does not make sense that people doing an excellent job are being penalized, yet the ***ts in the banking system can bring the world to its knees, and have the audacity to be slobbering and salivating at the prospect of big bonuses – for doing what exactly?????

curneysmells said...

Do you have to star out twats? Everyone thinks they are anyway. . .

Sue's Blog said...

I actually had a different word in mind that is not gender specific - readers can insert the expletive of their choice in here!!