Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Girls behaving badly

According to the Daily Star, arch self-publicist Ms Jordan is frightened that the Russian Mafia are planning to kidnap her in Marbella when she arrives there to promote her latest range equestrian clothes. She has been in the news headlines most days with her sexploits since her ‘split’ with Mr. PA.
Apparently KP has been bragging that she is nearly a billionaire, and she is listed as twelfth in the Sunday Times young person’s rich list. The gangsters are said to be plotting to whisk her away to the Med on a yacht
How do people know the details of the gangsters’ alleged plot?
I think that this must be another of KP’s publicity stunts.
She is without doubt one of the shrewdest business women on the planet, and rapidly becoming one of the wealthiest.



Ewarwoowar said...

Hi Sue,

I hate Katie Price, she's pathetic.

Anyway, just got your comment about the stat-porn stuff. I use a thing called sitemeter, which is free and easy to download and install. It's very clever. If you have any problems with it, drop me an e-mail at cubsfan86@gmail.com okay?

Sue's Blog said...

I hate KP as well. I wish the gangster thing was real and the world could have a bit of respite from her!
Many thanks for the advice on sitemeter - I will give it a go.