Thursday, 13 August 2009

Oh La La

French men love parading about in their Speedos - in fact in a lot of swimming pools in France they are mandatory. In England however, the topic of male swimwear is causing controversy. Speedos were banned at Alton Towers this week, on the grounds that they are not suitable for a ‘family friendly’ venue - and anybody caught wearing them could be subjected to a bikini waxing.
I find it weird that they are compulsory in France yet regarded with shock and horror in Staffordshire.

Is this just a publicity stunt on the part of Alton Towers?
Are Speedos really so shocking and offensive?
Is the British male a modest creature, preferring to hide in large trunks and Bermuda shorts?
Do French men have better bodies, ou sont-ils les poseurs?

What do you think?


The Plashing Vole said...

I'm not sure British men are modest - but they should be. And yes, the French are posers, but then don't tend to be bloated sunburned yobs…

It probably is a publicity stunt though.

curneysmells said...

I can see why they would get banned by the fashion police...But not actually banned, thats a little extreme.

Are they going to ban socks and sandals next?
Or perhaps mixing brown and black?
When do you stop. . .