Monday, 31 August 2009

Dirty Students

Most of you are looking forward to going back to university, but be warned - some of our fellow students may be harbouring some filthy habits.
The Beckmann cleaning company did a student survey and found that many male students only wash their knickers once a fortnight, and their socks once every four days.
The girls were guilty too - many only wash their bras every couple of months.
The smell of unwashed clothes is masked by generous squirts of aftershave or deodorant.

Shockingly, two thirds of male freshers arrive at university not knowing how to use a washing machine.
Is it the credit crunch and poverty that is driving students to shun washing?
Or are students literally 'the great unwashed' as people suspect?

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Fou said...

a) You have to do it yourself and this instantly decreased the amount of washing you make.
b) There is often nowhere to dry it once you have eventually managed to get into gear and do a wash.
c) It seems like an unnecessary cost
So adding all of these together I would rather spend my time down the pub drinking the washing machine money