Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Girls behaving badly

Kerry Katona has lost her £250,000 a year contract with Iceland foods. The dopey mother of two was secretly filmed snorting coke with a £20 note, whilst her two daughters aged six and seven were in the house.
I never understood why the Iceland supermarket chain chose a boozy drug sorter with a dodgy taste in partners for its ‘mum’s gone to Iceland’ adverts. She is the antithesis of what a sensible loving mother, devoted to her family should be like – unless lots of children have mothers just like her, and she is actually – God forbid – a realistic representation of modern parenting – Yikes!!!!!


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Laura said...

Finally Iceland have seen sense and removed her from our TV screens! I find it quite depressing that she has made a career out of her dysfunctional shenanigans