Friday, 7 August 2009

Loan Sharks

Here is another scum bag for the ‘being bad’ wall of shame. ‘Johnny Boy Kieley’ a loan shark, terrorized his victims over a six year period in the Manchester area. He would lend money, and then demand extortionate interest, of more than 2000%, with menaces. He targeted hard-up people, and struggling families living on Manchester’s housing estates.
Kieley set up his ‘business’ in 2003 and used threats and blackmail to extort ridiculous interest payments from his ‘customers’. If that failed, he resorted to violence by proxy from his gang of hired thugs.
This beast made over £3 million from ripping off the poor, lording over his victims in his black range rover with ‘BOY’ personalized number plates.

If you are the victim of a loan shark report them to the trading standards office – these scumbags should not be allowed to get away with this appalling behaviour.


Demented Demon. said...

Well said, Sue. It's terrible how such criminality is rewarded whilst the deserving struggle with their high interest debts and unable to put food in the cupboards.

next payday loans said...

Loan sharks sometimes do not report their loans to credit scores reporting agencies. To establish, protect and maintain your history of credit scores, you must make sure that your creditors do in fact report their loans to credit scores reporting agencies. If they do not, there is no official record of your loan repayments.