Friday, 21 August 2009

The Oxfam bestsellers list

I read an interesting fact today. Dan Brown’s books are the ones most likely to end up being donated to charity. It seems that this best selling author’s works are only worth a one-off read. Unlike well written works of literary fiction that people keep, and read time and time again.
Dan Brown has been incredibly successful with his page turning plots, buts his books are otherwise lacking in depth and complexity, so it is not surprising that they get recycled.

Does anybody in blogland like Dan Brown and rate him as a writer, or is he more of a literary entertainer?
Should creative writing students be trying to emulate his style, or should they aim to follow the advice in The Art of Fiction by John Gardner?


Ewarwoowar said...

I liked the plot of The Da Vinci Code, and this is coming from someone who doesn't like fiction. Maybe that's telling, though.

The writing, however, was absolutely ghastly.

merciless said...

I'll hold my hands up. I've read the Da Vinci Code (mildly enjoyable); Angels and Demons (I quite liked this) and Deception Point (absolutel dross). I quite liked the bits where he tells me historical facts - for instance, in Angels and Demons where I learnt about the illuminati - mainly due to my ignorance.

Robert Langdon however is a hard character to like, nevermind love. As shown by Gunther Glick and his minor role who was my favourite character in Angels & Demons.