Sunday, 26 July 2009

What do you do when you get dumped?

On the BBC news this morning I was very concerned when I watched artist Jasper Joffe talking about selling all his possessions. He did not go into details, but he looked very unhappy.
I was intrigued by this, because I was worried that he might be depressed. Selling all your possessions is a drastic thing to do – it is a renunciation of the past. Sadly, possessions can be removed from ones life, but painful emotions and feelings stay with you, until the pain and hurt have taken their course. This can take a few weeks for the lucky ones or last a lifetime for others.

I did a bit of research and found that Jasper had been jilted by his girlfriend.

Getting dumped or rejected by someone you care about is one of the worst and most painful experiences to go through. I’m sure most of you will have been through this. It is hell.
On a lighter note, Jasper painted the above picture of his girl friend. To be honest to my untrained eye it does not look that flattering. Was she a fake tan addict?
Maybe she was not as wonderful as you thought Jasper, if this picture is a true representation of her.
Jasper - If you can see that she was not perfect, and maybe feel a bit angry about the situation, instead of beating yourself up - you will be able to start moving on.
We wish you luck and hope you feel happy again soon.


curneysmells said...

Shakespeare - Sonnet 130. . .

The Plashing Vole said...

I've only been dumped once, if that means 'surprising and involuntary termination by the other person' - by which time we'd already signed contracts to share a student house for the next year. It was difficult, to say the least - I didn't go out with anyone for another four years - but she seemed to take it worse than me, which was ironic, and 16 years later we're devoted friends.

I've ended a relationship twice - one was a long-distance one which just had no hope: she married soon after and is happy. The other one was horribly traumatic and was an act of self-preservation, not that that makes me feel any better about it. We are, though, lifelong friends, which is better than I expected.

Sue's Blog said...

Curneysmells: I wonder if Jasper was copying Shakespeare and subverting the genre of ‘girlfriend portraits’. If not, then a bit of advice would be to make the portrait of the next girlfriend really flattering (unless the girlfriend has a great sense of humour).I think most women would prefer portraits that make them look beautiful – not weird

Sue's Blog said...

Vole: I think it is excellent that you have remained on good terms with your ex girlfriends.
If Jasper Joffe sees your comments, he may gain some comfort from your experience, that breakups can be the start of lifelong friendships, not the end of the world.