Friday, 3 July 2009

Anyone for tennis?

This evening people will be rushing home from work to watch the battle of the two Andys. I always feel like a freak at this time of year because I cannot understand what pleasure people get from watching tennis. To me it seems like a total waste of time. Where is the excitement in watching two or more individuals lobbing a ball at each other over a net?
I know people who find the Wimbledon season the most wonderful time of year, and talk about it in wistful and reverential terms. Are they total saddos – or is it me?
Well, I won’t be watching it – I’m off to watch some paint dry – far more exciting I think!!!


curneysmells said...

I didn't have any paint to watch the other day and do confess that I watched Murrays victory. Fortunately it was a quick match. . .

The Plashing Vole said...

Me neither. Watching two small businessmen bop a ball to and fro.