Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Naughty Vincent Crabbe

Harry Potter star Jamie Waylett, who plays bully Vincent Crabbe, has been sentenced today to 120 hours of community service for growing cannabis.
The police stopped Waylett and his pal John Innis under the Terrorism Act, for taking a photo of their patrol car. When police searched their black Audi they found several bags of cannabis. Waylett had pictures of his cannabis growing enterprise, which he had set up in his bedroom, on his mobile phone.
Waylett has a history of drug abuse, and was caught snorting coke a few years ago.
Waylett and his friend sound like a right pair of thick divs, who were just asking to be picked up by the police.

Some of my fellow bloggers despair about the abysmal state of our society. The widespread use of drugs, and associated out of control behaviour are deeply worrying.

What will the brains of these people be like in twenty years time?
Will there be any responsible people left in society, or will every body be drugged up and out of it?


The Plashing Vole said...

He is a naughty boy - but the initial stop was illegal. The police are allowed to question anyone taking pictures under the Terrorism Act if the pictures are likely to aid terrorism. Pictures of a police car or officer aren't likely to do so. Bullies.

Sue's Blog said...

Perhaps he was waving his magic wand (offensive weapon?) at them!