Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A few oddments

I went to Oxford to see my daughter today (she is a student there). As always it is a wonderful excuse for some culture. No, sorry – that should read gluttony. If you ever get the chance to go to Oxford, you must try G & D’s ice cream. Make mine three scoops of crème Anglaise with the hot chocolate sauce…yummm….heaven…
Oh, sorry I digress.
On the way there I read the Metro, the free paper available at the railway station.
It is a wonderful source of information.
For sometime I have wondered if people would ring the NHS swine flu hotline under false pretences and get hold of Tamiflu. Well, according to the Metro this devious practice is happening, and people are making money from flogging Tamiflu at car boot sales.
To anybody out there who is taking Tamiflu unnecessarily, you need to realize that it is not without side effects, and should only be taken by those who need it.

The side effects, in case you want to know are: nausea, diarrhoea, fatigue, headache, insomnia, nose bleeds and rashes. (Very rarely it can cause: hepatitis, hallucinations in young people, and a horrible condition that makes your skin slough off – (called toxic epidermal necrolysis, if you really want to know). Also fake Tamiflu is being sold on the internet.

Health Warning - Obtaining Tamiflu using a fake ID can lead to prosecution.


curneysmells said...

Ummmm G and D's is the best I firmly agree. My favourite is either the Oxford Blue or the peanut butter, yum yum

Laura said...

I personally wouldn't bother with Tamiflu unless I had underlying health problems that put me at higher risk from the complications of flu. In fact a good dose of flu would be a welcome relief from work and an excuse to stay at home and eat ice cream.

Sue's Blog said...

curneysmells: I tried the Oxford blue, it was a bit too sweet, especially with the hot chocolate sauce.

Sue's Blog said...

Laura: That's a bit drastic. I hope your employers appreciate you, and realize what an asset you are!