Sunday, 19 July 2009

Bingo players knit voodoo dolls of chancellor

This is an amusing credit crunch story (or not if you happen to like bingo or Alistair Darling)
Furious bingo players in Cheshire knitted voodoo dolls of Mr. Darling after he increased tax on bingo. Margaret Knowles, 73, said: “Alistair Darling is stabbing people in the back. Now we want him to know how it feels.”
Ninety clubs have closed in the UK in the past couple of years. This is on a par with the decline in the pub trade.

It looks as though people will have to resort to alternative pastimes, with the steady decline of these more traditional entertainments.

Oh, Alistair, if you are experiencing pain in any parts of your anatomy, you know who to blame!


Demented Demon. said...

How wonderfully English! Cheshire is a lovely place too, the old ladies do not wish to physically hurt him so they knit the dolls. Bless the old dears.

The Plashing Vole said...

Bingo isn't like prescription or dental charges. It's a perfectly justifiable thing to tax, and I suspect there's a PR company or press office involved in this if you dig deep enough. It's called astroturfing (i.e. faking a grassroots protest/campaign).

Sue's Blog said...

Demented Demon: Old ladies wielding knitting needles can be incredibly dangerous!

Vole: I have not come across the underhand practice of astroturfing, so thanks for that.
The Daily Star might have had a better story if they had uncovered the people behind this (probably the bingo hall owners). I hope the old ladies don’t mind being pawns in someone else’s game. If they do I’m sure there will be a lot more voodoo dolls being knitted!

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