Thursday, 16 July 2009

Propane Nightmares (again)

The great thing about having your own blog and it being the summer holiday is that you can quote from Wikipedia! During term time at Uni it would be tantamount to academic suicide to go anywhere near this fount of all knowledge. I decided to look for an explication of Propane Nightmares. Here’s what it said – the music video was loosely themed around a cult called Heaven’s Gate, who decided to hold a mass suicide event by drinking poison. The final part of the video shows two members escaping.

The Heaven’s Gate people were a UFO cult, based in California, lead by Marshall Applewhite, and Bonnie Nettles. They believed that the earth was about to be ‘recycled’ and that they had to ‘escape’ i.e. to turn against the ‘next level’ that was being offered.

The cult members were expected to live a monastic and ascetic existence. Members were not allowed to be alone, and everything was recorded and monitored.
The suicides took place in 1997.

It is frightening how charismatic figures with strange beliefs can drag vulnerable people into their delusional belief systems, and persuade them to kill themselves. The cult seems to have been run by people who were completely paranoid, and controlling. I did not know any of this background information. It is truly shocking and horrible.

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