Thursday, 10 June 2010


Are you looking forward to Saturday?
Have you rushed out to buy England flags and bunting?
Even ‘call me Dave’ will be flying the flag over number 10 – not in some declaration of independence for England, but to support our overpaid, overhyped useless football team.
One football fan has covered his mum’s sitting room floor with TURF. He said his mum did not know about it – but she will do soon with all the publicity he is getting!
What are you planning to do to celebrate the world cup?


Ewarwoowar said...

That chap is clearly mentally ill.

I'm sorry Sue - the England football team is not useless. Do I think they'll win? No, but I'm optimistically predicting them finishing 3rd.

I'm not really planning any celebration, just enjoying sitting in a chair watching 3 games a day! (THREE!) Goodbye outside world, I hardly knew ye x

hltoffy said...

The England match is banned in our house. By me. MUHAHAHA. It is my birthday, I detest football, especially the world cup. Every 4 naffing years it ruins my birthday. Well tough. We shall be watching Dr Who and then playing on the Wii. I'm not even allowing 'check ins'. Stuff them all. Football is PANTS.

P.S. Sorry to Siany, I know she loves football, but each to their own.

P.S.S That doesn't mean that I don't hate it. Just to clarify - it is PANTS.

P.S.S.S Thank you for the Birthday message Sue :)