Tuesday, 1 June 2010

More misery for higher education

Things are not looking good in higher education.
Sally Hunt, the head of the UCU, has warned that there could be strikes. Universities have to grapple with £1.1bn worth of cuts, whilst the government is dishing out £8bn in tax incentives to businesses.
Education is suffering. Lecturers are suffering with the threats of redundancies.
Students are already suffering with bigger classes, less choice and the prospect of higher tuition fees and escalating debt. At a local university, our student petition against the changes disappeared into the ether of higher management, (and probably ended up in the shredder).

According to Sally Hunt, lecturers across the country will be going on strike.

As students, we will be 100% behind our lecturers, supporting them – even if it means our degrees will suffer when the strike becomes national.

Interesting times lie ahead.


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