Saturday, 19 June 2010

What has happened to our gnomes?

The gnome used to be an important design feature in traditional British gardens. But times have changed and so have people’s tastes. The craze for wind chimes and low maintenance has lead to gardens becoming boring.
Gnomes with plump rosy cheeks and red pointy hats are no longer to be seen dipping their little rods into ornamental fish ponds.

Sad isn’t it?

Have you ever wondered where all the gnomes have gone?
The answer is – the tip. Best place for them you might think.
But Neil Goode from Birmingham has been busy rescuing discarded gnomes from a recycling centre, and has given them a new lease of life, by repainting them in World Cup colours.

Once the World Cup is over I suspect the poor gnomes will find themselves back on the scrap heap, unloved and unwanted.

As for the England team, judging by yesterday’s appalling performance, they will be too.

It is about time people questioned the obscene amounts of money paid to football players - all they do is fill the tabloids with their lavish lifestyles and wanton behaviour.

You can see his gnomes on the link below.


Fou said...

I'd rather sit and look at a garden full of gnomes for hours than bothering to watch another England football match.

Fou said...
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Laura said...

I for one am quite fond of gnomes and am sure they will come back into fashion at some point. I would question why this person has dedicated hours of his life to fishing gnomes out of a skip and repainting them though? What a peculiar aspiration / hobby to have