Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Are you into herpetology?

No…this is not some sort of dubious or deviant activity, it is the study of reptiles. Personally I hate reptiles, and was somewhat delighted today to hear that the global snake population is in decline. Usually if a snake rears its ugly head on the TV I have to dive for cover as I am totally snake phobic, and the sight of one makes me feel sick.
If you like snakes, then you might be saddened by the news that scientists have discovered that many snakes are on their way out.

From an environmental point of view, however, it is tragic. It is another example of animals disappearing due to global climate and environmental changes, no doubt caused by greedy capitalists.


eve said...

Sue! I am most suprised! Those poor snakes! I used to be very scared of them until my friend got one...the first sight of it made me jump up and run out of the house, but a few weeks later I was happilylooking after it for two weeks whilst they were away. They really are very beautiful creatures once you get use to them!

Sue's Blog said...