Friday, 18 June 2010


Do you like books?

I expect most of you do. I’m a student and I seem to spend more money on books than anything else.
In these cash strapped times, with the prospect of swingeing cuts under the ConDems, please don’t be tempted to emulate this Cambridge graduate, if you are short of cash for textbooks.
This villain, William Jacques, 41, stole £40,000 worth of rare books from the Royal Horticultural Society’s library, by smuggling them out under his tweed jacket. He also used a false name. The staff at the library became suspicious when he was noted to leave the library, on a regular basis with his ‘left arm held stiffly to his side.’


hltoffy said...

1) Tweed jacket? Fashion faux pas.
2) Holding his left arm stiffly to his side? Could he not think a little more creatively? Every teenage shoplifter uses that technique, if soap operas are to be believed (which they aren't, but I couldn't think of another example to use).

What he really should've done is painted his face with permanent marker... oh wait, someone's tried that as well.

Epic fail.

Laura said...

I wonder if this could work in reverse - I have accumulated so many books over the years I would like to smuggle them in to somewhere and leave them.