Thursday, 11 February 2010

Sapere Aude

I like to keep up to date with things that affect students. As you know, we may have to pay more for our courses.
The Policy Exchange is proposing that our tuition fees should go up to £5,000 a year, and that interest free loans should be scrapped.
Universities can charge foreign students more, and vice-chancellors have warned that foreign students will be favoured when it comes to allocating places, unless the level of funding improves (which it won’t).
What are poorer students expected to do then?
Open University degrees may be cheaper but they are effectively ‘teach it yourself’ degrees – they are a poor substitute for proper teaching from inspiring experts in a university environment.

(The Policy Exchange was commissioned by the government to review student funding. It is chaired by Lord Browne)

Thought for the day

‘Deprive the population of a university education and keep them ignorant so that they won’t challenge the tossers in power making all these appalling decisions’


Laura said...

It is a complete shambles. I agree there is no substitute for face to face learning with a good teacher. It is also so valuable to be able to interact with other like minded students and discuss / debate issues. In the arts I think you need such a forum to challenge your own ideas and encourage creativity.

Laura said...

Just out of interest what does sapere aude mean? I could google it but it would be more interesting to be 'taught' it by a real person!

Sue's Blog said...

'Have the courage to think for yourself'